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Using a unique thermo siphon-circuit system and a heat exchanger under pressure, high water temperatures can be achieved by recovering the waste heat created from almost any commercial refrigeration process. In Food Processing Plants and Dairy Sheds, the big recovery gains are derived from cool rooms and vat chillers which have the task of taking the temperatures down to 3-4 degrees C and keeping it there. From the heat recovered, water temperatures as high as 97 degrees C have been achieved from standard refrigeration configurations.

 Energy costs can be reduced by up to 50% in this cycle. For the average Dairy a couple of thousand litres of FREE hot water can be produced each and every day. The mechanical components of the vat will also last a lot longer as they are not working anywhere near as hard. "Tucker Tanks" have the capability to be retrofitted to existing refrigeration systems or be provided as a component for new installations. These units can also circulate the hot recovered waste heat via external ring mains to secondary locations without mechanical pumps, as the unique design will self pump due to internal pressure differentials.

 These units also have the future capability of turning recovered waste heat from the refrigeration process into abundant amounts of free hot water. The company that has developed this product "Tucker Technologies P/L" has a process in place now to verify the outstanding performance of this technology which hopefully may result in substantial rebates for those that invest in this product for their own particular application. However even before any rebates are introduced the product is providing strong evidence of paybacks that are around two-three years compared to conventional water heating systems.

The reduction in CO2 gas emissions is also reflected as approximately 50%. This is a ground breaking moment for any industry that needs lots of hot water and utilizes refrigeration, the “Tucker Tanks” will have applications across many sectors providing free energy from recovered refrigeration waste heat that would normally be lost to the atomsphere. 


These units can only be installed by accredited "Tucker Technologies P/L" installers; they will be available on a commercial basis soon. PRICE is on application please contact us at "enter" for more information.


Pictured above with the unit is Ken Tucker the inventor.


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