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Water Tube

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Water Tube™ is a machine-blown polyethylene tube welded to form ribs creating a robust sealed
tubular unit that can contain over 20 litres of water. Installed around a small tree or plant in
much the same way as a basic tree guard, Water Tube™ is held in place by three wooden stakes.
The tree is thus protected by a tough and resilient structure that resists the elements and
animal pests.

The water from Water Tube™ is distributed to the tree or plant via a specially made coil dripper
which ensures the plant is continuously provided with water over a period of approximately
16 days.

The Water Tube™ is then refilled after 30 days.

A Complete Solution
Water Tube™ creates an entire protective microclimate that maximises the young tree’s growing
chances. While filled with water, the Water Tube™ offsets variation in climatic conditions:
it warms the interior when the atmosphere is cold and maintains cooler temperatures
in fierce direct sunshine with an ultraviolet resistant outer jacket. Water Tube™ ensures higher
survival rates, reducing planting and cultivation costs and increasing yield. Water Tube TM is
available in a larger flat form for established trees – known as the Tree Well™.

Note; Price does not include garden stakes

Water Tube™ Saves Water

• Unique, patented design, composition and construction
• The Water Tube holds 22 litres of water and
distributes this to the plant via a special coil dripper
• The plant receives 20 litres from this water reservoir
over about 16 days
• It should only be refilled once every 30 days

Water Tube™ Saves Plants

• 12 months supervised trials by the Environmental
Horticulture Group, School of Agriculture, at Charles
Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, Australia, proved that
the Water Tube™ ensured the survival and accelerated
growth of trees.

“the results obtained are particularly impressive
evidence that the use of Water Tube has clearly
enhanced the survival and growth (measured as
increase in height) of the seedlings used in this

Water Tube™ Saves Time

• Normally only requires a recommended monthly re-fill
of 20 litres. This pattern can be varied when indicated
by extreme climatic conditions.

Water Tube™ Saves Money

• Maintenance cycles or schedules can be reduced
by 75% as the Water Tube™ needs re-filling once a
month, as opposed to normal weekly watering
• An alternative view is that yield can be
increased by 300% due to this cycle
• It is faster, easier and LESS COSTLY to fill the
Water Tube™ than it is to provide reticulated irrigation,
volume spraying or to undertake manual watering
• Ask to see our comparative costing analyses



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