WetLock PENETRATOR & RETAIN Soil Treatment 
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WetLock PENETRATOR & RETAIN Soil Treatment










WETLOCK logo.jpg  was developed in Australia and is 100% Australian owned and manufactured.

WETLOCK logo.jpg  is an innovative system that is environmentally safe and lasts 12 to 24 months after just one application.

WETLOCK logo.jpg  is available in both liquid and granular form and covers a large area.



  • is surfactant (detergent) free, unblocks water repellent soils and clays,
  • assists moisture penetration into and beyond the root zone
  • encourages deeper root growth, allows soil to breathe and re-oxygenate
  • is suitable for use in and around the home on trees (including citrus/fruit), shrubs, vegetables, turf / lawn and pot plants.
  • will assist in minimising fertilizer and water usage, reducing runoff and water pollution into waterways.
  • can be used for de–watering, when water is held on soil above the water table.
  •  Retain

  • retains moisture and nutrients in the soil increasing their availability to plant life.
  • reduces nutrient flushing and increases the plants resistance to drought stress.
  • massively reduces water and fertilizer usage, with typical savings of between 60% to 70%.
  • helps to create a supportive bio-zone for plant life that actively encourages strong, sustainable plant growth, resulting in higher yields.
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    2009 13 Feb - Habitat lift-out in West Australian Click Logo to view --->   WETLOCK logo.jpg

    WetLock Brochure (2.2mb)

    WetLock Brochure


    What is it?

    WetLock is a two-part system designed to:

    1. Assist moisture to penetrate soils and clays

    2. Retain moisture and nutrients in the soil

    What is the system?

    It consists of two products, WetLock PENETRATOR and WetLock RETAIN.

    What form does it take?

    WetLock is available in three forms:

    1. Liquid hose-on applicator

    2. Power MicroGranule

    3. Liquid concentrate

    How does it work?

    PENETRATOR unblocks water-repellent soils and clays by forming millions of tiny pathways down

    through the soil. This also opens up the soil, allowing it to breathe and re-oxygenate. Soil compaction

    is lessened and water and nutrients can penetrate deeply into and beyond the root zone, rather than

    running off the surface. This deep penetration also encourages deeper root growth.

    RETAIN disperses evenly through the soil strata and forms an ultra-fine molecular structure that

    retains moisture and nutrients in a form that is readily available to plant life. A soil profile is rapidly

    built which encourages a healthy biomass and sustainable plant growth.

    How safe is it?

    WetLock is produced using benign technology, an Australian innovation designed to create products

    which are safe for the user and the environment.

    PENETRATOR uses no surfactants (unlike soil wetters). These detergents can strip out natural soil

    ingredients, leading to degraded, unsupportive soils.

    RETAIN overcomes the problems of the older-type water crystals that only give either a clump of

    water-holding gel, or unevenly dispersed reservoir points through soil that has been mixed with water

    crystals. RETAIN is not known to exhibit characteristics of phytotoxicity, unlike the older-type


    What is the coverage?

    WetLock in granular form is typically applied at the rate of 10 grams per m².

    WetLock in liquid form is typically diluted at the rate of 3 ml per litre of water and the mixture typically

    applied at the rate of 1 litre per m².

    How long will it last?

    WetLock is a long-lasting treatment and soil conditioner, unlike soil wetters. Typical effective life is

    approximately 12 to 24 months depending on soil type, rainfall etc.

    *We at enter recommend the 1 and 2 litre RTU hose-on applicator products as offering the best value for money, and is also the easiest to use.

    Price (each):
    WPR1 Penetrator RTU (Hose applicator) 1L  $49.60 
    WPR2 Penetrator RTU (Hose applicator) 2L  $83.10 
    WRR1 Retain RTU (Hose applicator) 1L  $49.60 
    WRR2 Retain RTU (Hose applicator) 2L  $83.10 
    WPC500 Penetrator Concentrate 500ml  $39.90 
    WPC4 Penetrator Concentrate 4L  $152.55 
    WPC15 Penetrator Concentrate 15L  $459.60 
    WRC500 Retain Concentrate 500ml  $39.90 
    WRC4 Retain Concentrate 4L  $152.55 
    WRC15 Retain Concentrate 15L  $459.60 
    WPG420 Penetrator MicroGranule 420g  $34.90 
    WPG1 Penetrator MicroGranule 1kg  $51.35 
    WPG4 Penetrator MicroGranule 4kg  $183.50 
    WPG15 Penetrator MicroGranule 15kg  $542.90 
    WRG420 Retain MicroGranule 420g  $34.90 
    WRG1 Retain MicroGranule 1kg  $51.35 
    WRG4 Retain MicroGranule 4kg  $183.50 
    WRG15 Retain MicroGranule 15kg  $542.90 

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