Fertilog Fertilizer 
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Fertilog Fertilizer

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FERTILOG is an ecological product that gradually releases fertilizer to the root system

of a plant, providing a slow but steady supply of nutrients as the plant requires; nutrients

go directly to plant roots simple to use & easy to apply ; increases yields of agricultural

products by up to 20%; increases soils water holding capacity ; increases seed

germination and moves the pH toward neutral whether the soil is acidic or alkaline.

Apply FERTIlog in 3 easy steps

1. Snap off a Fertiog pelete

2. Thumb a Fertilog pelete around the plant

(recommended usage is 75 grams per metre square)

3. Cover the Fertilog and roots with soil.

Check Fertilog in approximately 3 months and replace when necessary.

Fertilog is planted with the pointy end facing down.


• Increases yields of aggricultural products by approximately 20%

• No hazardous residue

• Improves the quality of the agricultural output

• Reduces surface source polution from chemical products

• Lower cost than other fertilisers and uses less product per area

• Can be customised to suit individual customer & crop needs

• Ability to embed mirrobes in fertiliser in dry form, which only

becomes active upon soil activation.

Fertiliser sticks
 Fertiliser sticks

Each pack contains 40 sticks.

The Waterlog Fertilizer stick was developed by means of advanced biological engineering technology and is a revolutionary fertilizer.  It breaks through the concept that the fertilizers contain single chemical element, on the contrary, this fertilizer contains not only sufficient chemical elements, such as nitrogen, phosphorus , potassium, etc. (e.. N% P205 10%, K20 10%), but also plenty of active microbes (microbe content ≥ 20 million / g).  Therefore. CMF is not only a composite fertilizer (CCF), but also a biological fertilizer; CMF can provide the crops with enough chemical nutrition and has the advantages of improving the soil and the quality of the crops.


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