Watergrower Waterlog 
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Watergrower "Waterlog"



WATERGROWER completely replaces the need to apply liquid water to plants. WATERGROWER makes irrigation sustainable in any climate and offers a genuine solution to water scarcity. 


 Cut water usage by 100’s of litres by delivering the water where your plants need it most: The roots.


Efficient watering

  • Help save Australia’s valuable drinking water
  • Drought proof your garden & cut water usage by 100’s litres
  • Keeps watering your garden for up to 3 months without rain
  • Also suitable for landscaping, fruit trees & vegetable gardens

Watergrower has now been officially approved by the Smart Approved Watermark Expert Panel.  Watergrower is now an eligible product under the Basket of Goods category that gives buyers a 30% rebate on every $100 spent, under the Water Smart Gardens & Homes (WSGH) program. 



  • Waterlog replaces the need to use tap water or irrigation pipelines.
  • Each waterlog tube is equivalent to hundreds of litres of water used in traditional irrigation.
  • There is no need to worry about increasing water costs or the availability of water if restrictions are in place.
  • It decreases the evaporation and leakage of water and does not release any harmful bi-products or residue into the soil during degradation.
  • Waterlog ensures a high plant survival rate, and maintains normal growth of plants.
  • It also reduces the cost of labour, logistics, and of handling materials that are typically associated with irrigational systems.


  • Waterlog is suitable for all types of trees and plants and can be used anywhere from domestic gardens and commercial landscaping, to agriculture, horticulture, urban tree planting and forestry.
  • Waterlog provides an ideal supply of moisture,  and is perfect for planting in arid areas far from water supply or areas experiencing extreme water shortages.

Waterlog contains 97% pure water and 3% molecule science technology, and remains unaffected by sunlight and temperatures within the range of -6 degress Celsius and 100 degrees Celsius.
Rate of release is not altered by temperature.

Waterlog is NON-Toxic, it will not harm children, pets, wildlife or insects.

Waterlog lasts up to 3 months in normal ground conditions.

Waterlog is packaged in a 100% BIO-DEGRADABLE skin.

Waterlog completely replaces the need for traditional watering or irrigation and plants will survive and flourish for a three month period using just one litre of Waterlog.

Each waterlog tube will therefore save hundreds of litres of pure drinking water

Price (each):
Single Waterlog.  $9.00 
Bag x 20 Waterlogs.  $160.00 
Skid x 200 Waterlogs.  $1,450.00 
Waterlog Auger.  $99.00 

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