Dominant, Handwashing Supa Liquid Concentate 
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Dominant, Handwashing Supa Liquid Concentate

Dish Wash Supa Liquid

NEW FORMULA Dish Wash Supa Liquid.

A powerful grease cutter made from natural ingredients that is tough on grimy pots and pans and safe for fine china and glassware, gentle on hands, with longer lasting suds and a fresh lemon fragrance.

Dominant Dish Wash is the most concentrated dishwashing detergent available in the world. 375ml will provide at least 375 domestic sinkfuls of powerful dishwashing suds. If it's not the most concentrated product you have used we will give you your money back.


Dispense sparingly. Add to running water.
For light wash use 1ml, quarter teaspoon or one pump.
For heavy wash use 2ml, half teaspoon or two pumps.

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Price (each):
code 98513, 375ml with 1ml pump.  $12.95 
code 94863, 375ml refill.  $12.20 

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Dominate, Handwashing Supa Liquid