Dominant, Dishwasher Powder 1Kg 
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Dominant, Dishwasher Powder 1Kg

Dishwasher Powder

This low alkaline formula is much safer to use than conventional brands. It is safe to use on gold or silver overglazes. Available in a 1kg refillable bottle, fitted with a child proof cap for extra safety and a 750g Refill Bag. Use the Dominant Refill Funnel to conveniently refill your 1kg bottle without a mess.

Try Dominant Dishwasher Powder & be amazed at the performance. Use Dominant Rinse Aid to add that extra sparkle to your dishes.


The use rate varies from 1-2 teaspoons in soft water areas to 2-3 teaspoons in hard water areas. Pour required dose into dishwasher dispenser.

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code 90845, 1Kg Bucket.  $15.35 
code 92536, 750g refill.  $10.70 

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Dominant, Dishwasher Powder