Dominant, Wool & Fine Fabric Liquid Wash 
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Dominant, Wool & Fine Fabric Liquid Wash

Wool & Fine Fabric Wash 1 Litre

Recommended for wool garments and all fine washable fabrics leaving them soft, clean and fresh. Has a neutral pH and dissolves instantly to gently care for your special garments.


  • Large top loader: 6 capfuls or 60ml
  • Medium top loader: Four and a half capfuls or 45ml
  • Small top loader: Three capfuls or 30ml
  • Front loader: Do not use too high foaming
  • Hand washing: One capful

    Follow washing instructions on garment label. Handwash all woollen garments unless labelled machine wash. If labelled Dry Clean Only do not hand wash.

    To hand wash use half a capful in a bucket or 1 capful in a trough. Wash in luke warm water, then rinse. Gently squeeze off excess moisture and dry flat.

    To machine wash use a gentle cycle, using appropriate measure. Remember only machine wash if labelled so.

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    Dominant, Wool & Fine Fabric Liquid Wash