Dominant, Booster & Laundry Soak Powder 
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Dominant, Booster & Laundry Soak Powder


Booster & Soak Phosphate Free

Booster and Soak is the ideal way to remove stubborn stains. Efficient and effective in warm or hot water as a boost to the wash, soaker for stains and the ideal nappy sanitiser, cleaner and brightener. Safe on all washable fabrics including colours. Phosphate free and readily biodegradable, it is ideal for environmentally sensitive areas.



  • Large top loader: 1 scoop
  • Small/Med top loader: half scoop

    Soaking in a trough, sink or bucket

  • Large: 1 scoop
  • Small: half scoop
    (one scoop = 40g)
  • PDF: download
    Price (each):
    code 99002, 2Kg Bucket.  $28.60 
    code 98996, 1.5Kg Refill.  $20.40 

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    Dominant, Booster & Soak