Dominant,Front Loader Laundry Powder 
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Dominant,Front Loader Laundry Powder


Front Loader Phos Free L/Powder

A rapidly dispersing, rapidly dissolving, low foam phospahte free powder designed for front loading washing machines. The Microsaver® formulation brightens the colours in natural fibres beyond anything seen before. The clothes look newer, feel softer.

Super performance with unbelievable savings with 100 washes per 2kg pail.


  • Soft water: half a scoop
  • Hard water: one scoop

    If soiling is heavy add a little extra powder or use Dominant Booster & Soak.

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    Price (each):
    code 86046, 2kg Bucket.  $29.25 
    code 87811, 1.5Kg Refill.  $20.20 

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    Dominant,Front Loader Laundry Powder