Detail Ezy Waterless Carwash & Wax RTU 
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Detail Ezy Waterless Carwash & Wax RTU

Waterless Carwash & Wax

Approximately 3 to 10 washes per 750ml bottle

 Water Based (contains no petroleum’s or silicones)
· Great for all vehicles
· Contains Fossil and Carnauba Waxes
· Biodegradable
· Non Toxic & Non Hazardous

Detail Ezy’s Waterless Carwash and Wax is intended for use on dirty, oxidized vehicles.

Use our Waterless Carwash and Wax on wet or dry vehicles almost anywhere, anytime as long as the paint surface is not hot, in direct sunlight, or excessively soiled, muddy or sandy.

It is safe to use on cars, trucks, bikes, boats.

How does Detail Ezy's Waterless Carwash and Wax work?

When sprayed on a dirty surface, the soaps, surfactants and lubrication agents break down the dirt as the polymers wrap around the particles and bond to the dirt. All of this breaks the bond the dirt had with the surface.

The microfibre cloth soaks it all up and protects it from scratching your vehicle. The second microfibre cloth buffs the remaining residue into a brilliant shine that lasts for months

Price (each):
WCW750PK Carwash & Wax 750ml & 2x microfibre cloths.  $37.00 
WCW750 Carwash & Wax 750ml Refill orange.  $27.00 
WCW5 Carwash & Wax 5ltr.  $145.00 
WCW19 Carwash & Wax 19ltr.  $500.00 

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Detail Ezy Waterless Carwash & Wax RTU