How to copy and paste an activation key

For WINDOWS systems 

To copy and paste an activation key so that you can register to see our special discounts for partner programs and resellers you need to follow thes instructions.

1. Left click the mouse and hold down to highlight the activation key number.

2. Lift your finger off the mouse and now Right click with the curser on the highlighted number.

3. An options panel will appear, move the curser to select "COPY" and left click

4. Proceed to the Login in register page and Left click with the curser in the activation key panel.

5. Then hold down the Ctrl button on you key board with one finger and with another press the letter v

6. the activation key number should appear in the box.

If this fails to work just write down the required activation key number or letters and type it in then once you have filled in all the other required information hit the "REGISTER" button.

If all this fails please ring us on 03 9431 0006 and we will register you from our computers.