KORALUX linear Classic-M, Towel Rail middle connection 
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KORALUX linear Classic-M, Towel Rail middle connection


      AHD 25 Yr

 The towel rail radiators KORALUX LINEAR CLASSIC – M are produced from closed steel profiles with a D-shaped cross section and straight profiles with a circular cross section. The bottom middle connection with connecting pitch 50 mm. The radiators are delivered with a set for wall mounting, including an air vent and blanking plugs.

Technical Data

Steel tubes Ø 20 mm
Steel profile 40 × 30 mm

  Height H 700, 900, 1220, 1500, 1820 mm
Length L 450, 600, 750 mm
Depth B 30 mm
Connecting pitch 50 mm
Connecting thread 6 × G½ (inside)
Highest allowed working pressure 10 bar
Test pressure 13 bar
Maximum water temperature 110 °C
Flow coefficient AT = 7,1 × 10-5 m2
Coefficient of resistance (DN 15) ξT = 16,0

Types of Connection

Korado HM Fittings Double Middle/One side 6 port models

from $8.25

More Info

bottom middle*

* For radiators with the bottom middle connection you can use the integrated delivered together with a thermostatic head.


The mounting set is delivered as standard and consists of 4 special plastic brackets, screws, dowels and assembly instructions.



For coloured radiators Silber and other colurs add 30% surcharge cost to white price order time 10-12 weeks 

PDF: download

Overview of Types

Typ KLCM 700 Typ KLCM 900 Typ KLCM 1220 Typ KLCM 1500 Typ KLCM 1820

For coloured radiators add 30% surcharge cost order time 10-12 weeks 

PDF: download


PDF: download

Price (each):
KLCM,700hx450w,white 332wt.  $217.80 
KLCM,700hx600w,white 423wt.  $224.40 
KLCM,700hx750w,white 511wt.  $229.90 
KLCM,900hx450w,white 433wt.  $236.50 
KLCM,900hx600w,white 551wt.  $248.60 
KLCM,900hx750w,white 664wt.  $254.10 
KLCM,1220hx450w,white 597wt.  $272.80 
KLCM,1220hx600w,white 761wt.  $284.90 
KLCM,1220hx750w,white 917wt.  $302.50 
KLCM,1500hx450w,white 745wt.  $302.50 
KLCM,1500hx600w,white 948wt.  $321.20 
KLCM,1500hx750w,white 1144wt.  $345.40 
KLCM,1820hx450w,white 916wt.  $338.80 
KLCM,1820hx600w,white 1168wt.  $363.00 
KLCM,1820hx750w,white 1409wt.  $387.20 

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Linear Classic-M Towel Rail 
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