KORATHERM Line Vertikal - M Middle Connect 
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KORATHERM Line Vertikal - M Middle Connect




The flat panel radiator KORATHERM VERTIKAL-M combines modern design with an effective way of providing warmth to heated room. Due to the modern design the front surface produces a higher radiant type of heat and thereby gives a feel of thermal comfort. The progressive bottom middle connection enables its natural integration into any interior.

It is designed for two-pipe pressurized heating systems, the heating profiles are vertically aligned, the connection to the heating system is bottom middle. It is equipped with 2 bottom outlets with inside thread G½, and in the upper part of the profile there is an outlet for an air vent with G½ thread. All types are delivered with side covers.

Fixing       Heat Output and Basic Technical Parameters

Technical Data


Steel profile 70 × 11 mm
Steel profile 50 × 30 mm

  Height H 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1400,
1600, 1800, 2000 mm
Length L 144, 218, 366, 514, 588, 662, 884, 958 mm
Depth B 62, 74 mm
Connecting pitch h = 50 mm
Connecting thread 2 x G ½ inside
Maximum working pressure 4 bar
Test pressure 5.2 bar
Maximum working temperature 110 °C

Types of Connection

Central bottom connection, φ = 1
Central bottom connection
φ = 1

We recommend to use the Connection fittings HM (PDF PDF, 0,95 MB) for radiators with bottom middle conection.

Overview of Types


For coloured radiators add 30% surcharge cost order time 10-12 weeks 

PDF: download


For coloured radiators add 30%.You will require one HM fitting valve for each radiator and a cover go here to see valve details.

Korado HM Fittings Double Middle/One side 6 port models


More Info

PDF: download
Price (each):
T-VM-20-2000-588-1 (2.469kW).  $1,547.70 
kT-VM-20-1800-844 (3.74kW).  $1,980.84 

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