KORATHERM Horizontal Middle Connect 
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KORATHERM Horizontal Middle Connect



Unobtrusive luxury with a unique combination of elegance and heat output - this is KORATHERM HORIZONTAL-M. It is a suitable solution for heating rooms with large-space glass surfaces such as shop-windows, reception rooms, open plan living areas, larger rooms with high ceilings, panoramic windows, halls, etc.

It is designed for double-pipe pressurized heating systems, the heating profiles are horizontally aligned. The connection to the heating system is always bottom middle with the connecting pitch 50 mm (example marking K11HM). It is equipped with 2 bottom outlets with inside thread G½, an air vent and a blanking plug with G¼ thread. Types 10 and 11 are delivered with a solid top cover, types 20, 21 and 22 with a top grill.

Technical Data      mi


Steel profile 70 × 11 mm
Steel profile 50 × 30 mm
"D" profile 40 × 30 mm

  Height H 144, 218, 366, 514, 588, 662, 884, 958 mm
Length L 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100,
1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000 mm
Depth B 62, 74, 117 mm
Connecting pitch h = 50 mm
Connecting thread 2 x G½ inside
Maximum working pressure 4 bar
Test pressure 5.2 bar
Maximum working temperature 110 °C

The model KORATHERM HORIZONTAL - M is produced up to the lenght L = 2000 mm.
The type K11HM in the height H = 144 mm is produced from the lenght L = 800 mm.

Types of Connection

Central bottom connection, φ = 1 Central bottom connection, φ = 1
Central bottom connection
φ = 1

We recommend to use the Connection fittings HM

(PDF PDF, 0,95 MB) for radiators with bottom middle conection.

For coloured radiators add 30% surcharge cost order time 10-12 weeks 

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 Overview of Types


Korado HM Fittings Double Middle/One side 6 port models

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