KORATHERM HORIZONTAL – High output low Flat Panel End Ports 
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KORATHERM HORIZONTAL – High output low Flat Panel End Ports



KORATHERM flat panel radiators are designed for double-pipe heating systems with forced circulation of the heat-carrying agent. The new types 23, 44 and 46 extend the product range of KORATHERM HORIZONTAL models and thus allow for their use in more areas. All of these radiators are supplied with an upper covering grille and can only be fixed to the floor with the aid of special stand brackets.

Closed steel profiles are used for the heating elements with a rectangular cross-section of 70 x 11 mm, dividing and collector profiles have a cross section in the shape of the letter “D” with dimensions of 40 x 30 mm. Heating profiles are aligned horizontally. The types are supplemented with an additional convector fin with a depth of 45 mm.

Connection of the KORATHERM HORIZONTAL model to the heating system is bottom from the bottom down and its connecting pitch is dependent on the length of the radiator L. Types K23H, K44H and K46H are manufactured up to a maximum length of 3000 mm.

Technical data Fixing to the floor

  Height H 144, 218 mm
Length L

500, 600, 700, 800, 900,1000,

1100, 1200, 1400,1600, 1800,

2000 2300 2600 3000mm

Depth B
Type K23H
Type K44H
Type K46H

162 mm
250 mm
330 mm
Connecting pitch L - 50 mm
Connecting thread 2 x G ½ inside
Highest allowed working pressure 4 bar
Test pressure 5,2 bar
Highest allowed working temperature 110 °C

Examples of connection to the heating system

bottom connection, φ = 1 bottom connection, φ = 1
bottom connection
φ = 1

Overview of Types

Type K23H Type K44H Type K46H

For coloured radiators add 30% surcharge cost order time 10-12 weeks 

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For radiators up to 2000mm long you will require two feet and two covers for radiators over 2000mm you will require three feet and three covers, for coloured radiators add 30%.You will require one regulating valve and a lockshield valve for each radiator and two connectors.

GH Required Radiator Accessories

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