KORADO Radik"4" Port Standard Klasik Style


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RADIK KLASIK model is a steel panel radiator in KLASIK version with ribbed panels which allows left or right side connection to the heating system circuit. It is intended for heating systems which are gravity or pressure fed.Two upper and lower hangers are welded at the back of the radiator. Radiators 1,800 mm long and longer have six welded hangers. Double wall bracket More info



Currently these standard "4 port" radiators are available in stock in  three thickness profiles (type 21, type 22 & type 33), for other profiles a factory order 10-12 weeks will need to be made. Different profiles are selected based on the wall space of the room to be heated and the number of watts required to heat each room. Generally used in most new buildings and with standard batton fixing (to see batten fixing specs click on the PDF file download at the bottom of this page).  We can calculate room heat loads for you and this is most important that the radiators are sized correctly for each specific application. Our calculations are based on heating a room to 20-21 degrees see page 49,,table calculations here KORADO RADIK RADIATORS PDF: download, however there is a rule of 9 thumb method that many builders use for more info click on the tab below. 

Rule of thumb room heat load sizing go here. 

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 TYPE 21 KLASIK "4 PORT" Radiators

Have two hot water transfer panels (front and back, most slimline panels only have one heat transfer panel at the front) and one internal steel heat to air transfer sandwich, generally used in small rooms and traffic areas such as hallways.

TYPE 22 KLASIK "4 PORT" Radiators

Have two hot water transfer panels (front and back) and two internal heat to air transfer sandwiches, most common radiators used in Australian homes for Bedrooms and General living areas.

TYPE 33 KLASIK "4 PORT" Radiators

Has three hot water transfer panels (front, middle and back) and three heat to air sandwichs. Commonly used in very low temperature climates, Laundry Drying Cupboards or areas where wall space is limited.


Klasik Specs

"4" Port Radik "Klasik" 900mm High (T21,T22 & T33)

from $9.50

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"4" Port Radik "Klasik" 200 / 300mm High

from $115.50

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"4" Port Radik "Klasik" 400mm High

from $18.90

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"4" Port Radik "Klasik" 500mm High

from $143.00

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"4" Port Radik "Klasik" 600mm High

from $20.79

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"4" Port Radik "Klasik" 900mm High

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