Tiemme Auto Air Vent, shut off valve & Kit 
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Tiemme Auto Air Vent, shut off valve & Kit

The automatic air purge valves are used in water and heating systems to vent entrapped air during the circuit filling or during the normal working. Recommend placement on highest point on the flow & return lines for radiator installations. Its then possible to avoid problems like noise and wear of devices in the circuit enambling a good performance of the heating elements. Unit has a 3/8" outlet. This kit has been created for installers that are not using compression tools

You will need to order each of the items on the list this will make up two kits one for each of the flow and return lines

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Price (each):
2 x 198 0005 Auto Air Vents 3/8'(side Outlet).  $35.20 
2 x 0023 1/2'M x 3/8'F shut off valves (suites Auto Air Vent).  $11.66 
2 x AW-15-SKT 15 x 15 Hex Sockets brass.  $5.28 
2 x TWB-1515N Tiemme Waterbloc 16 x 16 nipples.  $5.06 
2 x 0001 Tiemme1/2' x (16 x 2) connector with O Rings, suits MLP.  $10.02 
2 x TWB-202020T Tiemme Waterbloc 20x 20x20 Tee.  $10.34 
2 x 144 0002 Tiemme3/4' x (16 x 2) Connector with O Rings suites MLP.  $12.43 
4 x 144 0003 Tiemme 3/4' x (20 x2) 2 of for each kit, Connector with O Rings suites MLP.  $26.84 

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Tiemme Auto Air Vent Kit