GH Distribution Manifolds/Heat Exchangers and Accessories


High quality distribution manifolds in Brass and Thermal plastic and Heat Exchangers. Use the Giacomini Brass Modular Manifold or the Multitherm Thermoplastic Modular Manifold in project that may require future additional circuits, these extra circuits can be added on simply at a later date.

Use the above two types of manifolds or the Tiemme Distribution Manifold for any typical project.

Use the Giacomini Mixing Floor Coil header for projects where you have high temperature water that needs to be mixed down in temp eg from a wood fired boiler. 

Sondex Brazed Heat Exchangers

from $55.00

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Giacomini Mixing Floor Coil Headers Model R557A

from $75.00



GH Tiemme Brass Distribution Manifolds

from $2.52

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Thermostatic Valves

from $145.00

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Tiemme Auto Air Vent, shut off valve & Kit

from $5.06

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HHS Giacomini Thermostatic Mixing Valve R462L2

from $51.36

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SWEP Water Marked Flat Plate Heat Exchangers

from $17.22

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