GH Tiemme Insulated Pipe and Fittings/Tools


Many of our preferred installers like to supply and use pipe and fittings that they are accustomed to and to which they have the appropriate tools. Most products on the market are very good; we offer this range of products for Hydronic Radiator Heating. 

Today, more than ever, product and system integrity is critical. Sealed pressurised systems are becoming commonplace, placing greater strain on the materials, joints and fittings involved.

Here the Tiemme range comes into its own. For instance, the Al-Cobrapex multi-layer pipe represents a valid alternative to metal pipe, as well as some plastic pipes normally used in traditional installation systems. The combination of aluminium core inserted between two layers of highdensity, cross-linked, polyethylene (PE-X) delivers all the benefits of both metal and plastic while, at the same time, eliminating their typical drawbacks. The inner layer of PE-X means that corrosion, toxicity, and roughness (with consequent higher pressure losses), are no longer a problem; meanwhile, the aluminium core deals with the issue of permeability to gases and UV rays, high internal expansion, and poor shape stability during installation.

The fact that the pipe comes in preinsulated coils which are very light and suitable for all plumbing requirements makes handling and installation simple. The integrity of the fittings is equally important. Our compression fittings are made from hot, press- forged, brass and completely nickelplated, while press fittings are made of dezincification-resistant brass. The result is non-demountable, permanent, leak-proof connections.

Nominal operating conditions for all are:
 Max operating temperature – 95ºC
 Max peak temperature – 110ºC
 Max operating pressure – 10bar

Wavin Push Fit Hydronic Multi Layer Pipe Connectors

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TIEMME AL-COBRAPEX Insulated Multilayered Pipe, Radiator Heating.

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