Caleffi Differential Bypass Valves 
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Caleffi Differential Bypass Valves


The differential by-pass valve is used in systems working with

variable flow rates, for example in those making widespread use of

thermostatic valves or 2-way motorised valves. It ensures a flow

recirculation proportional to the number of valves being closed,

while limiting the maximum differential pressure value generated by

the pump. Available in two standard sizes for hot water systems

10–60 kPa (1–6 m w.g.).

(In chilled water systems with high head pumps, installation of the

version with a setting range between 100 and 400 kPa is advisable.

This product is available on application)


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Price (each):
Code 519500 scale, setting range, 1–6 m w.g, Size 3/4”, 20mm.  $213.69 
Code 519700 scale, setting range: 1–6 m w.g, Size 1 1/4”, 32mm.  $473.55 

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Caleffi Differential Bypass Valves