LOWARA Ecocirc E6 Pumps 
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LOWARA Ecocirc E6 Pumps

The Enter shop are proud suppliers of Lowara circulating pumps.

Designed for use only with hydronic heating (these are cast iron pumps and should not be used for moving potable domestic water)

Automatically speed controlled heating circulator with highly efficient ECM technology and proportional head control.
The result is high efficiency at low cost, with proven reliability of the spherical motor.





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Price (each):
ITT-E6A-20/130 Lowara Cast Iron (Ups 2060-G).  $462.00 
UPS-20-60 Union Set.  $49.35 
ITT-E6A-25/130 Lowara Cast Iron (Ups 2560-G).  $490.89 
TT-E6A-25/180 Lowara Cast Iron (Ups 2580-G).  $511.89 
UPS-25-60 Union Set.  $58.38 
ITT-E6A-232/180 Lowara Cast Iron (Ups 3280-G).  $560.19 
UPS-32-80 Union Set.  $69.30 

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