Slabmate X High Compression Insulation for Raft Slabs Domestic & Commercial 
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Slabmate X High Compression Insulation for Raft Slabs Domestic & Commercial


What Is Slab Edge Insulation?

Slab edge insulation protects the sides of concrete slabs. In addition to under slab insulation, slab edge insulation helps prevent internal temperatures being varied because of exposed sides. Slabmate X is an addition to the slab on ground insulation solutions. With increased compressive strength and thermal resistance, Slabmate X is the perfect solution for commercial and residential projects.

Benefits Of In Slab Edge Insulation

Slabmate X is a high-density extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulated panel. This high-performance panel is a lightweight, water resistant insulation panel with exceptional thermal resistance that is easily installed to increase the building’s thermal efficiency. The high density XPS is durable and will maintain performance in all conditions.

Concrete Slab Edge Insulation In Australia

Slab edge is known to be a major contributor of heat loss in properties. Poorly insulated slab edge lowers the thermal efficiency of the property. Slabmate X is available in a range of thicknesses to suit the requirements of the build to minimise thermal inefficiencies at the slab edge. Insulating slab edge and under slab can be highly effective at improving energy efficiency.

What Is In Slab Heating Insulation?

In slab heating insulation is popular technology to heat the inside of a concrete slab in a building. While in-slab heating technology heats the underfloor, the slab itself needs to be insulated underneath and around the perimeter. As the slab is poured into the earth, it comes into close contact with the environment. Slabmate and Slabmate X effectively insulate the slab on all exposed sides.

Benefits Of In Slab Heating Insulation

The benefits of in slab heating insulation include transferring heat upwards and away from the soil. This helps to regulate the temperature inside the property because the under slab insulation and slab edge insulation helps to prevent heat being lost to the earth. This improves thermal efficiency inside the property.

In Slab Heating Insulation Cost In Melbourne?

The cost of in slab heating insulation in Melbourne varies on the type of insulation required, the size, the insulation thickness, the surrounding environment and other regulatory matters. Properties are designed and built with many factors in mind and the cost should not discourage you from making a an investment in under slab and slab edge insulation.


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SMX-30, 30mm thick 2270 x 1200 R1.1, 15 per pack.  $591.15 
SMX-40, 40mm thick 2270 x 1200 R1.4, 12 per pack.  $630.63 
SMX-50, 50mm thick 2270 x 1200 R1.8, 10 per pack.  $656.88 
SMX-60, 60mm thick 2270 x 1200 R2.2, 8 per pack.  $630.63 

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Slabmate X High Compression