Floor Coil Heat Diffusion Spreader Plates 
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Floor Coil Heat Diffusion Spreader Plates



Installation and application using single heat spreader plates
(Joists @ 450mm or less than 350mm centres)

Where it is not possible or desirable to drill or notch the floor joists, and the floor height can be raised, spreader plates can be used in the following way:

1) To prevent downward heat transmission, insulate between the voids in the joists with appropriate  (foilboard) sheet foam insulation. More Info

2) Lay 75mm x 25mm battens across the existing joists. Trim the ends of the batten back to the last joist at alternative ends.

3) Lay spreader plates between the battens and pin in position. La
y pipe into the spreader plates.


  ALLOW 3.4 Plates per M2

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Price (each): $15.95

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