GH Floor Coil in Slab/Under Timber Floor Heating Pipe


Rated as one of the best pipe systems on the planet, we offer two types of floor coil pipe.

Cobra AL-PEX Multilayered Pipe which has an aluminium insert and provides the benifits associated with both metal and polethylene pipe.

Cobra PEX pipe with oxygen barrier  which represents one of the best polethylene pipes on the market at a very cost effictive alternative to multilayered pipe.

Potential customers will need to provide floor plans to their enter store so that an efficient energy source and floor system can be specified and accurate quotation created.

Foilstar High Compression Insulated Board

from $26.25

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Cobra AL-PEX Multilayered Floor Coil Pipe

from $18.56

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Cobra PEX Floor Coil Pipe with Oxygen Barrier

from $291.50

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Floor Coil Installation

from $20.00

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Floor Coil Heat Diffusion Spreader Plates


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REBAR Floor Coil Fixing Tool Hire

from $23.38

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Tiemme underfloor insulation system

from $0.40

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Tiemme H28 Dry Floor Insulated Aluminium Heat Transfer Panels

from $33.00

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Slabmate Under Conc Slab Insulation R0.8 to R2.4

from $220.92

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