GH Thermostatic Heads for 4 & 6 Port Rads 
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GH Thermostatic Heads for "4 & 6 Port" Rads



These are optional on each "4 or 6 Port" radiator (recommended on "6 port Radiators, ). A thermostatic valve can only be as accurate as the temperature sensing bulb contained within the valve head. For this reason, Tiemme uses a high quality liquid sensing bulb in its thermostatic radiator valve heads.The sensor is composed of a metal sensing bulb filled with a liquid which expands and contracts in response to the ambient temperature. The sensor is connected to a bellows with an internal plunger which opens or closes the radiator valve body. As room temperature falls, the bellows contracts and opens the valve seat. As the room temperature climbs, the bellows expands and closes

the valve seat. This is a quality product and allows the room (eg bedroom, or a room that experiences quick passive solar gains or losses) to be managed at a constant temperature independant of the central controlling thermostat.



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Price (each):
955 0025, Thermo Head.  $36.03 
955 0001, Thermo Head with Liquid Sensor (M30x1.5) - White.  $36.03 
955 0004, Thermo Head with Liquid Sensor (M30x1.5) - Chrome.  $46.11 
955 0002,Thermo Head with Liquid Sensor (M30x1.5) - Chrome / White.  $45.15 
955 0005,Thermo Head with Liquid Sensor (M30x1.5) - White / Chrome.  $45.15 
955 0003, Thermo Head with 2m Remote Liquid Sensor (M30x1.5) - white.  $135.15 
955 0006, Tamper-Proof cover for Thermostatic Head.  $15.87 

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