GH Pipe Connectors 4 Port Rads & Towel Rails 
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GH Pipe Connectors "4 Port" Rads & Towel Rails



Based on the type of supply and return pipe being used to and from the radiator, a connector/adapter is required for each "regulating valve" and each "lockshield valve" (two connectors for each radiator).

Connectors come in standard satin chrome (nickel or chrome plated) and also brilliant chrome plated for chrome towel rails. 

GH Radiator Accessories

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Price (each):
144 0001, to suit Multilayer pipe1/2'x(16x2.0)-nickel plated.  $5.32 
T-CC-1/2'-12.7mm-N, to suit Copper pipe1/2'x12.7mm-nickel plated.  $5.32 
T-CC-1/2'-12.7mm-C, to suit Copper pipe1/2'x12.7mm-Chrome.  $9.99 
TWB-29 3/4'MI, male straight adapter to copper BSB.  $6.26 
144 0002, to suite Multilayer pipe3/4x(16x2.0)-nickel plated.  $6.55 
144 0035-C, to suit Multilayer pipe 1/2'x(16x2.0)-brilliant chrome.  $10.36 
12-12.7-C, to suit Copper pipe 1/2'x12.7-brilliant chrome.  $5.32 
1440066-C, Chrome Rad connectors for chrome extension tails.  $7.98 
1440016-N, Nickel Rad connectors for chrome extension tails.  $4.83 
1650099, chrome extension tails with crimp fitting for 16 x 2mm pipe.  $24.69 
Tiemme Watercloc 16 x 16 Nipple SPN 163.  $3.11 

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GH Tiemme 1/2" Connectors