GH Tiemme Lockshield Valves 
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GH Tiemme Lockshield Valves



The Right Angle option is the most common for 99% of applications, the Straight unit is generally used in retrofits , one of these are required for each "4 Port" radiator and one also for "6 Port" radiators if the duel base flow and return connections are not used. "Standard Satin Chrome" is most common with the "Brilliant Chrome" used for chrome towel rails. If you are retro-fitting an existing dwelling and or plumbing up through the floor you will need straight connections for Towel rails.

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Price (each):
333 0003-N, R/A Lockshield, Satin Chrome (1/2'x1/2').  $20.58 
333 0023-N, Straight Lockshield, Satin Chrome (1/2'x1/2').  $22.22 
333 0005-C, R/A Lockshield,Brilliant Chrome (1/2'x1/2').  $41.44 
333 0018-C, Straight Lockshield,Brilliant Chrome (1/2'x1/2').  $41.44 

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