GH Tiemme 4 Port Regulating Valves 
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GH Tiemme "4 Port" Regulating Valves

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 These valves regulate the flow through the radiator, most common is the "Right Angle" type option (for both wall or floor fitting) , one is required for each "4 Port" radiator, the "Straight Valve" option is generally only used in retrofits where the installer has awkward wall or floor penetrations that will not line up. The standard satin chrome option is used for most applications and the Brilliant Chrome option for chrome "Towel Rails".

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Price (each):
330 0003-N, R/A, Thermo Option Satin Chrome(1/2' x1/2').  $26.53 
330 0036-N, Straight, Thermo Option Satin Chrome(1/2'x1/2').  $26.53 
330 0009-C, R/A, Thermo Option Brilliant Chrome (1/2'x1/2').  $45.99 
330 0041-C, Straight, Thermo Option Brilliant Chrome (1/2'x1/2').  $58.80 
331 0008-N, Reverse Pattern Valve (1/2'x1/2').  $32.93 
1980018 Tiemme1/2' Manual Bleed Valve.  $4.06 

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"4 Port" Reg.Valves