The Enter savewater Water Wizz Household Kit 
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The Enter "savewater" Water Wizz Household Kit

water wizz


 This is without doubt the best way to avoide rising water costs we have ever come across, all simple DIY products that any home handy man/woman should be able to install.

  • Toilet water saver

    This toilet water saver can be used in existing toilets, new or old to regulate your water usage saving up to 70% of your water usage, it is simple to install and works immediately.

  • D.I.Y. home saving kit

    This complete home kit contains three aerators for use in tap ware and an inline flow controller for your shower, it's everything you need to start saving your money!
    1 x 8 Litre per minute flow rate aerator
    2 x 6 Litre per minute flow rate aerator
    1 x 8 Litre per minute flow rate Inline
  • Flow control discs

    Our water flow control discs can be fitted to existing taps ware and showerheads without effecting your water pressure. Installing a flow controller can save up to 72% of water usage.
    Available in:
    6 Litre per minute flow rate
    9 Litre per minute flow rate
    12 Litre per minute flow rate

  • Flood stop safety valve

    This simple to install valve will automatically cut off the water from the washing machine should there be any overflow, saving you from costly water damage.

  • Garden Tap Adapter                                                                                                  To much water is wasted when washing cars and in general garden use put one of these on one of your outside taps for 9 Litres a minute, low flow use.


Flow Restrictors

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