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Showerdome is an acrylic moulded dome that fits to the top
of a shower. 

It stops the creation of steam and prevents the release of moisture into the air, preventing mould and mildew. 

It makes your shower warmer and keeps the bathroom drier, helping to create a healthier environment and reduce energy costs. 

Showerdomes can be fitted over either new or existing shower cubicles and is designed to eliminate the creation of steam and release of moisture into the bathroom, but the biggest benefit is the energy and water savings. 

A typical user of a shower fitted with a dome will reduce the hot water temperature by around 10% reducing energy required for heating. As the inside of the shower cubicle stays so warm, the user can also turn off the water to lather up during a shower and will find they take a shorter (but warmer) shower, thus saving many litres of valuble water.

You may not be aware but showering is the greatest consumer of water in the average Australian home (using on average 30% of all household water consumption) so the energy and water savings are substantial. 

Many sizes available to suit most standard showers. See PDF brichure download for details.

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Price (each): $249.00

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