Dux Electric Boosters 25-50 Litres 
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Dux Electric Boosters 25-50 Litres


Australian hot water company Dux Hot Water, continues to drive hot water innovation and product versatility with the release of the new Dux Proflo Electric Storage Tank range in appliance white. Creating a modern and clean finish, the appearance of the new Proflo small electric storage systems, allows them to fit in perfectly with other modern household appliances.

Offering style and convenience for the modern homeowner, the new Proflo range is available in 25 Litre or 50 Litre Electric Storage Tank sizes, both of which are back to a 405mm diameter, ideal for cupboard installations. Both sizes are available in either hardwire or plug in models. The latter of these options offers the convenience of plugging the unit in to a standard household powerpoint.

Keeping in line with the Dux aim of developing products that are easy to install, each system in the Proflo White Small Electric range, comes with water connections on both sides of the tank. This ‘dual-handed’ feature gives more installation options for the installing plumber, making Dux Proflo heaters some of the most versatile on the market.

In addition to this, the 50 Litre unit actually delivers 50 litres of 60 degree water, unlike some other units on the market, which are not able to meet the 50 litre minimum delivery requirements.

5 year tank warranty
1 year full parts & labour warranty


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Price (each):
25W124P, 25 litre, Plug in 2.4kW element.  $520.00 
25W1, 25 litre, hard wire 2.4kW.  $520.00 
25W1, 25 litre, hard wire 3.6kW.  $520.00 
50W124P, 50 litre, Plug in 2.4kW element.  $570.00 
50W1, 50 litre, hard wire 2.4kW.  $570.00 
50W1, 50 litre, hard wire 3.6kW.  $570.00 

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