Osburn Wood Fires External Air Intakes



Osburn Manufacturing Inc. was founded by Bob Mills and three partners in Victoria, British Columbia, in 1979, in response to the energy crisis.

Mr. Mills became sole owner of the company in 1985. In its early days, the company produced only wood stoves, and in 1980 it became the first-ever North American manufacturer to make a wood stove in compliance with Oregon State's strict air emission standards. 

The company innovated yet again when it received EPA approval for a bay window-style wood stove and fireplace insert. The famous Osburn style was born, and is still present today, leaving its distinctive mark on many of Osburn's products, including the 1800-2200 series. For many years, the Osburn 2400 stove, with its 3.2 cubic foot combustion chamber, was the largest EPA-approved wood stove in the world. The company began exporting many of its models to the United States, and now to Australia and New Zealand.


Osburn SOHO External Air Intake Wood Heater

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