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At the push of a button, the Metlund® Hot Water D'MAND® System circulates the ambient temperature water in the hot water pipes (water that is normally lost down the drain) back to the water heater.

As the ambient temperature water in the cold water line travels towards the hot water heater, the D'MAND System fills the hot water line with hot water. When the hot water reaches the D'MAND System, a thermal sensor (thermistor) senses a temperature rise and quickly closes the zone valve while it shuts the pump off. The sophisticated electronic circuitry that does this is attached to the high-performance pump housing.

This results in getting hot water to the fixtures four to five times quicker (on average), greater convenience in not having to wait, a savings in water and energy, and a reduction in sewage costs. As a by-product of these savings, a cumulative result is the improvement of air quality.

The Metlund D'MAND System can utilize the cold water line as a return line or use a dedicated return line. By using the existing cold water line, it is easy to retrofit existing homes or businesses. Special plumbing is not needed, and since the System will not allow for hot water to cross over to the cold water line, all the cold water fixtures still have cold water.


Standard Plumbing

The majority of homes are plumbed in this manner. Depending on where the fixtures are located, the hot water line runs as a main line then branches to the fixtures. In most cases, the branches are short and the main hot water line is long. With piping and labor being so expensive, the plumbing design is driven by economics and is not always the best for the homeowner. The inconvenience of waiting for hot water becomes an issue, and costly waste of water, sewage, and energy results. The Metlund ACT D'MAND System is easily installed to work with homes with standard plumbing, making them effective for saving both water and energy.

The Metlund D'MAND System has both commercial and residential applications.

 Typical residential applications cost less than $1.00 per year to operate. They can be activated by any combination of methods, and result in a savings of energy and water, a decrease in pollution, and an increase in convenience to the user.

The S-71T models are designed to effectively deliver hot water rapidly up to 30 meters from the water heater. They are designed for most residential homes under 320m2. Warranty: 5 years

The BR3-220 models will accommodate larger homes and commercial applications where distance from the water heater and larger diameter piping are factors. Warranty: 5 years

Every model of the D'MAND® System can be activated by one or more methods. Regardless of which of the methods below is used, all D'MAND® Systems include a unique method of controlling the pump.

D'MAND Button B-922

A small doorbell-type button connects to the electronic controller by a 12-volt, 18-gauge standard bell wire. These buttons may be placed at one or all locations where there is a demand for hot water. This type of activation is commonly used on new home construction or remodeling of existing homes.

Wireless Remote Control RT-954

A small receiver is connected to the master controller. Small remote control buttons can be placed at any location in the home. Working on radio frequencies, a signal can be transmitted up to 100' through walls. This method of activation is most common on existing homes where the wiring for the D'MAND button (mentioned above) is difficult to install.

Motion Sensor

Motion Sensors are adaptable to both new homes and existing homes. On new homes, they are hard-wired by low voltage wires to specific locations that require hot water use. For existing homes, wireless motion sensors are available that will send signals up to 100 feet to activate the D'MAND System. Motion Sensors are designed not to allow activation of a subject under 4 feet high or 40 pounds of weight.


Recommended for each installation to existing dwellings


4 x 15mm BS Hex Nipples

2 x 15mm BS Tee's

1 x 20mm x 15mm BS Socket

1 x 20FI x 15MI Adapter

2 x 15mm M/F Lever Action Ball Valve

1 x Roll teflon Tape

2 x 600mm x 12mm Flex Hose C/w female flat fittings each end


Wireless Motion Sensor (VRS-1107 (SO) )

Wireless Motion Sensor package, 1 receiver & 1 transmitter

Wireless Motion Sensor with a range of up to 300 feet. Patented custom design for the Metlund D'Mand Electronic Controller.

Wireless Motion Sensor Transmitter
(VS-1107(SO) )

Additional transmitter to be used with Wireless Motion Sensor package (VRS-1101)

WSK Additional sensor

Wireless remote package (RT-954 )

The R-0954 Wireless remote receiver with transmitter works through walls up to 100 feet from the transmitter.

Hard Wired Motion Sensor Ceiling Mounted

Hardwired Motion Sensor works with all S-Series Systems. Patented custom design for the Metlund D’MAND Electronic Controller.

Wireless remote package


Additional Buttons
(B-922 )

For activation capability from additional areas. Requires additional wiring. Please note: this is not an ordinary doorbell button. It has been modified for this application.

Additional Transmitters for wireless remote (T-954 )

Supplied with 12V battery. (Batteries are readily available at most retail stores.)

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Price (each):
S-71T, ACT D'MAND system pump only (small).  $573.00 
S-71T-PV, ACT D'MAND System Retrofit pump & valve.  $696.00 
S-71T-PV-Kit, The S-71T-PV with Retrofit Kit.  $890.00 
BR3-220, ACT D'MAND system pump only (large).  $905.00 
BR3-220-PV, ACT D'MAND system (large) with pump & valve.  $1,023.00 
BR3-220-PV-Kit, The BR3-220-PV with Retrofit Kit.  $1,197.00 
B-922, Additional Button.  $19.00 
RT-954 Wireless Remote Package.  $64.00 
T-954 Additional Transmitter for wireless remote.  $32.00 
V-1209, Hard Wired Motion Sensor Ceiling Mounted.  $90.00 
VRS-1107(SO), Individual Wireless Motion Sensor Pack.  $349.00 
VS-1107(SO), Wireless Motion Sensor.  $214.00 
Uni-FITKIT, RetroFit Kit Fits Both Models.  $135.00 

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