Solar and Heat Pump Systems & Storage Buffer Tanks



Solar Plate Solar Collectors go on the roof of your home to capture heat from the sun and in turn heats the water. The hot water is then stored in a insulated storage tank. on cloudy days the solar hot water system provides the benefit of a boosting function to raise the temperature within the tank so you always have hot water. Evacuated Tube Solar Systems perform similar functions to solar flat plate collectors, by far the best of these on the market in Australia is the Apricus Solar system . Solar Heat Pumps: We also sell the best heat pumps on the market (if you dont see it on our web site we do not rate it ) ring us and ask us WHY? As some of the heat pump products on the Australian market today we would not sell to our worst enemies).Heat Pumps also capture a massive amount of the sun’s heat, however they do not require collectors to be placed on your roof, instead they draw their heat from the air around them (the suns radiation heats the atmosphere), they operate a bit like a refrigerator in reverse, they are very efficient if large quantities of hot water are required (for households of 3 or more people and the very best heat pumps are more efficient than the traditional flat plate solar and evacuated tube systems), these heat pump systems run on only a small amount of electricity (2-4 amps). Some of these heat pumps can also be used for swimming pool, slab and hydronic heating.

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Savings on annual hot water energy costs of up to 80% are possible, dependent on the type of solar hot water system the geographical location and the amount of hot water that is required. For households that have installed solar power grid connect the purchase of an electric heat pump is a far smarter option and a better long term investment. And if you want to go a step further and have us design a complete "Solar Hydronic Heating / Domestic Hot Water" system then you are on the correct web site.

The "Enter Shop" can design a specific cost efficient Solar Hydronic solution for you or your clients which if required can also incorporate swimming pool heating in the one energy efficient system. 


Wilson 1000 Litre Duplex Stainless Storage Tanks

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Dux Sunpro 305 Gas Solar Hot Water System


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