Q-ton 30kW CO2 Commercial Heat Pump by MITSUBISHI 
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Q-ton 30kW CO2 Commercial Heat Pump by MITSUBISHI



Q-ton is without doubt the Best Heat Pump on the Australian Market today, its an air-to-water heat pump which utilises patented compressor technology and CO2 gas as a refrigerant to offer a reliable and efficiency hot water solution for a range of commercial applications.


The Q-ton is manufactured at the Mitsubishi state of the art facility in Japan which a ISO 9001 approved factory developed specifically for the manufacture of high quality and high performance air-conditioners and heat pumps.





The Q-ton heat pump uses a coil of cold refrigerant that absorbs ‘free’ heat from the outside air, and a 2-stage compressor that puts the refrigerant under high pressure in order to raise its temperature. An on-board heat exchanger uses heat from the refrigerant to generate hot water from 65°C to 90°C which is then stored for sanitary use.

Systems can be set up to meet specific requirements, from one 30kW Q-ton unit providing 6,000 litres of hot water a day, to 16 heat pump units in a modular configuration of 480kW, connected to substantial hot water storage tanks. A touch screen controller makes the system simple to operate, while the user-friendly graphic display enables you to easily monitor hot water production and availability.

Q-ton - typical operation cycle - YouTube

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The Q-ton high efficiency heat pump offers a reliable hot water solution for a range of commercial applications. The Q-ton is best suited to applications that use between 3,000 and 20,000 litres a day.




This Duplex Stainless Steel Buffer Tank has been specifically designed to suite the Q-Ton 30kW Heat Pump.

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Q-ton 30kW CO2 Heat Pump