Stieble Eltron WWK 222,WWK 302 , 222 & 302 Litre Compact Heat Pumps 
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Stieble Eltron WWK 222,WWK 302 , 222 & 302 Litre Compact Heat Pumps



This new generation unit is a massive improvement on the superceded model and is without doubt the best quality and the best for value Heat Pump on the Australian market. Pay as little as *$1614.00. * WWK 222, Vic residents in regional zone 4 also replacing an electric HWS 


The new 222 & 302 litre WWK 222 and WWK 302 set a new benchmark for Stiebel Eltron hot water heat pumps.  Not only are they great looking but there are many new innovations incorporated in the new design.  The great new features include a current impressed anode, quiet operation at only 45dB and the ability to transport the heat pump horizontally.

  • German engineered
  • Designed for Australian conditions
  • 17% lower heat loss due to improved tank insulation^
  • Quiet operation with new encased compressor design
  • Suitable for hard or soft water areas with impressed current anode (maintenance free)
  • Operates down to minus 5°C, ideal for cold climates
  • Unique roll bond condensor technology for optimal heat transfer
  • Efficient defrost function maintains operation in cold climates automatically
  • Single piece design for ease of installation
  • Ideal to operate with PV system*

When compared to other brands of heat pumps specifically designed to produce only "Domestic Hot Water " on the Australian Market such as the "Sanden Heat Pump" these new Stieble Eltron Heat pumps humiliate their opposition, on reliability, cost (about $1500 cheaper fully installed), ease of installation, energy consumption availability, simplicity of design and serviceability.

Consumers need to be very much aware that after the warranty expires on on your chosen hot water system how simple will it be to repair and who is going to repair it , if its a Stieble Eltron this German company have an Australian wide in house service network on call, unlike any other domestic heat pump suppliers in Australia whom rely on the installing plumber to conduct the service.

Data Sheet
Operation and Installation Guide
WWK 302 & WWK 302 (H) Details
Data Sheet
Operation and Installation Guide
High quality design from Stiebel Eltron.
  • German engineered, designed for Australian conditions
  • Developing heat pump technology since 1976
  • 222 / 302 litre tanks with high volume of hot water outputs
  • Suitable for hard or soft water areas with current impressed anode
Installation flexibility
  • Can be installed outdoors or indoors, indoor installation requires 13m3 of clear space
  • Single piece design for ease of installation
  • Active defrost function to assist operations in cold climates
  • Operates in cold climates down to -5 Degrees Celsius
Energy efficient
  • Energy efficient operation saves up to 74% on hot water energy use*
  • Low power draw at only 2.3 Amps
  • Can operate on extended off peak power and timers where availalble

Small scale technology certificate information for the WWK 222 (H) and WWK 302 (H)**

  • Both qualify for STC's see below

*As per Clean Energy Regulator methodology for the determination of small-scale technology certificates for solar water heaters and heat pumps.

**Please note: The number of STCs within each zone are subject to AS/NZS standards or methodology change and were accurate as at 23rd March 2016.  To confirm current STC numbers on the Stiebel Eltron heat pump range please visit the Australian Government Office of Clean Energy Regulator website. STCs are subject to meeting eligibility and conditions.


1. What is the difference between the WWK 222,302 and the WWK 222H,302H hot water heat pumps?

The WWK 222H, WWK 302H hot water heat pumps have a smart element situated in the top of the hot water cylinder.  This smart element will switch on along with the heat pump function when a high volume of hot water is drawn off from the hot water tank.  This smart element will assist the heat pump to heat approximately the top 80 litres.  This smart element function is designed to aid hot water recovery for high users of hot water .

2. What is the active defrost feature on the the Stiebel Eltron WWK 222 and WWK 302 hot water heat pumps?

The WWK 222 and WWK 302 (Also H models) hot water heat pumps has an active defrost functions that switches on when the frost monitor detects a build up of hoar frost at the evaporator.  When frost is detected this it will switch the fan off but will keep the compressor running.  Hot gas is directed to the evaporator and the condensor is shut off, this hot gas will begin to actively defrost the evaporator.

3. Do you manufacture a heat pump with an element?

Yes, the WWK 222H, 302H is a heat pump with a smart element.  This model has a 1.7kW element that when engaged will heat approximately the top 80 litres of the tank, this is generally not required and it recommended if in alpine area's or when extra numbers of visitors to the household are common.

4. Can it operate on Tariff 33 in QLD and Off Peak 2 in NSW?

Yes, these tariffs are ideal for maximum savings.

5. How can the heat pump create hot water in the cold without an element?

The heat pump has an active defrost function that can control any icing that occurs at lower air temperatures.  The active defrost function will remove any hoar frost that occurs at the evaporator and then reverts back to hot water generation mode.

6. What is the current draw of the WWK 222,302 hot water heat pumps?

2.3 Amps on 240 Volts

7. Does a heat pump make a lot of noise when operating?

The WWK 222 is quiet when operating at only 45dB.  Heat pumps do make a sound when they are operating which is the sound of the compressor and fan.  The noise from a heat pump is dependent on a number of factors, we encourage our customers to read the operating an installation guide to also take into account the postitioning of the heat pump when installing.

8. How often should the condensate drain be checked on the hot water heat pump?

The condesate drain and the top of the condensate pan should be checked at least monthly to remove any blockages that may have occured via debris.

9. How big is the tank of the WWK 222, 302 hot water heat pumps?

220, 302 litres.

10. Can the WWK 222,302 and WWK 222H, 302H be installed indoors?

Yes, these heat pumps have been designed to be installed either indoors or outdoors.  A clear space of 13m3 is required for indoor installations to allow for the cold air from the refrigeration system to diffuse.

*REBATES ESTIMATES ONLY, STC/REC's price currently $36.00, VEEC $8 per certificates

  Download the postcode zones for solar water heaters and heat pumps, and learn how to calculate the number of small-scale technology certificates a solar water heater is entitled to.

 Visit VEEC - Calculators


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Price (each):
WWK 222.  $3,045.00 
WWK 222H with Electric Booster.  $3,099.00 
WWK 302.  $3,359.00 
WWK 302H with Electric Booster.  $3,395.00 
Zone 4 after Rebate WWK 222.  $1,965.00 
Zone 4 after Rebate WWK 222H with Electric Booster.  $2,019.00 
Zone 4 after Rebate WWK 302.  $2,279.00 
Zone 4 after Rebate WWK 302H with Electric Booster.  $2,315.00 

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