Tivok 7.6kW Heat Pump 
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Tivok 7.6kW Heat Pump

The 7.6kW Heat Pump is the workhorse of the Tivok Energy thermal System. These Heat Pumps utilise the heat energy fom the air to heat water. (This Model is Not suitable for swimming pool heating, see swimming pool heating section for specific pool heating units). This single phase powerful unit is up to four times more efficient than conventional electric/gas heaters and capable of heating water up to 60°C, running no louder than a household air conditioner. This is the only heat pump system on the Australian Market that is ideal for domestic / commercial hot water and hydronic heating and operates in the range of ambient air temps -15 to +43 degrees C. Contact us today so we can design a heating / hot water solution for your project.


Below we see the 7.6kw Tivok Heat Pumps combined with a 400 Litre Tivok Heat Bank to provide "Domestic Hot Water" and deliver "Hydronic Floor Coil Heating" (Also suitable for "Convector Radiators")


T 7.2

Multiple units can be manifolded together depending on "Hydronic Heat Loads" and "Hot Water Demand"

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Tivok T-T420AB, 420 Litre Energy Bank


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Code: HP72AB, 7.6kw Heat Pump Only
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Price (each): $3,173.50

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