Apricus,"Why they are the best Solar Hot Water System"



Solar Hot Water Warranty

15 Year Warranty

The Apricus solar hot water system carries industry-leading warranties:
15-Year warranty on solar tubes and heat pipes
15-Year warranty on manifold
15-Year warranty on framework
15-Year warranty on stainless tank
10-Year warranty on glass-lined tank


Solar Hot Water Lightweight


The Apricus evacuated tube solar hot water systems are lightweight, durable, and robust in construction. Most systems weigh less than 100 kilograms.

Solar Hot Water Frost Protected

Frost protected

Apricus solar hot water systems have built-in frost protection – able to withstand Australia’s cold winter nights without damage.

Solar Hot Water Framework

Cyclone Rated Framework

The Apricus aluminium mounting frame was designed to meet cyclonic wind conditions. It is ideal for beachfront coastal regions or areas where corrosion is an issue.

Solar Hot Water Services

After-sales Service

Apricus’s service division includes licensed plumbers and industry professionals. They will offer support with advice, troubleshooting and product information. We have partnered with and personally trained over 120 reputable plumbing companies Australia-wide, to provide hot water system maintenance, Apricus warranty, and service calls.