Aquaseals Roof Flashing 
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Aquaseals Roof Flashing


Flashrite No. 7 (for Metal Roofs)

Flashrite No.7 EPDM Black suits 200-300mm OD. Base 432x432mm Aplications: Gas and wood heater flues

Black and Grey EPDM rubber - temp ranges -40 to +115 deg C. Red silicone rubber - temp ranges -60 to +240 deg C.

This product fits pipes which range from 200 to 300 mm in diameter.

Product Code: AFE7B200-300

Versatile (for Tile Roofs)

The superior way to flash a pipe penetration on a tiled roof. Moulded rubber cone manufactured on lead, acrylead or aluminium base. Supplied ready to fit, no assembly required.


Aquarius Versatile roof flashings are designed specifically for tiled roof installations.  Available to fit cable and pipe diameters from 5mm to 350mm.  Suitable for antenna, heater and exhaust flues and sewerage vent pipes.  Available in black EPDM or red silicone for heater pipes.

Price (each):
Flashrite #7 200-300mm EPDM Black, for stnd flue kit (Metal Roof).  $57.60 
Versatile (lead) #7 180-270mm (Tile Roof).  $145.20 
Versatile (aluminium) #8 EPDM Black 180-350mm (Tile Roof).  $92.40 
Aquaseal #8 230-380 EPDM Black.  $108.00 

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Aquaseals Roof Flashing