Hot Water Storage Tanks 
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Hot Water Storage Tanks

We offer one of the largest range of standard (s), constant pressure (C) and medium pressure (MP) long life copper and (PS) stainless steel hot water storage tanks. All cylinders are constructed from high quality long lasting copper/stainless steel, which can last over 50 years.

These tanks are usually installed in the ceiling void allowing natural gravity to supply a gentle flow of piping hot water throughout the home. The units can also be weatherproofed to allow for outdoors installation on a stand or on a roof. 
 Standard tanks (S) COPPER are fitted with a 3.6kW electric element, drip tray 12 litre header tank and are the original in roof tank. The lower operating pressures make these systems an ideal choice where water saving is important, you must order the stove and or solar connections to be fitted on these tanks as an extra.
Constant pressure tanks (C) are fitted with 3.6kW element a large 45 litre header tank and drip tray, This allows both the hot and cold water delivery to the shower to come from the hot water service with the benefit that showers are not affected by other cold taps being turned on or toilets being flushed, ensuring showers are a pleasurable experience. This simple but clever design also allows for easy installation of a child safe tempering valve, saving installation cost.

MPM.P. Tanks have many applications and are ideal for installations in homes where existing pipe runs require increased pressure to provide good water flow. They are the best choice if flick mixer taps and water saver shower heads are installed in the home and are extensively used in hydronic central heating installations. Must be installed higher than wood fired boiler or stove and hydronic floorcoil or radiator system, potable water under mains pressure or from a pressure pump or higher gravity fed system and passes through the coil is heated by the body of water in the tank and goes onto the tap or shower without a pressure drop and if you disengage the electric element as a pre heater to gas instant booster or a heat pump.
Stove and solar fittings are standard and do not need to be ordered as an extra with this model

Tank Mains

Fitted with a 4.8kW Element 12 litre header and drip tray 36m mains coil and stove and Solar or heat pump connections


"F.M." medium pressure storage tanks are often referred to as "Floor Models" as they are most commonly installed below ceiling height in a cupboard, or on a tank stand under a verandah or similar suitable location. The cold water entering the tank can be by way of a water starage tank or header tank A pressure reduction valve may also be employed. These tanks are installed with a vent pipe to a maximum head height of 7 metres above the tank.


Floor tank


Lower fixed coils may be incorporated in all the above tanks and have many uses. They allow the one hot water storage tank to perform many different functions. They are commonly used in hydronic central heating, pool and spa heating, green house applications, solar installation and any other application that requires a heat transfer medium.


lower fixed



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Centra Coil Manual


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Price (each):
Standard Roof Model S~250L, 250L 769Hx865D.  $1,600.00 
Standard Roof Model S~315L, 315L 865Hx865D.  $1,718.75 
Standard Roof Model S~400L, 400L 915Hx865D.  $1,821.25 
Constant Press Roof Model C~250L, 250L 760Hx865D.  $1,915.00 
Constant Press Roof Model C~315L, 315L 865Hx865D.  $2,042.50 
Constant Press Roof Model C~400L, 400L 915Hx865D.  $2,157.50 
Mains Press Roof Model Sola MP~250, 250L 760Hx865D.  $2,952.50 
Mains Press Roof Model Sola MP~315, 315L 865Hx865D.  $3,076.25 
Mains Press Roof Model Sola MP~400, 400L 915Hx865D.  $3,207.50 
Mains Press Roof Model Sola MP~500, 500L 1050Hx865D.  $3,337.50 
Floor Model Electric FM3 TALL 125L 1016Hx610D.  $1,395.00 
Floor Model Electric FM3 SQUAT 125L 760Hx680D.  $1,485.00 
Floor Model Electric FM4 TALL 160L 1140Hx610D.  $1,452.50 
Floor Model Electric FM4 SQUAT 160L 890Hx680D.  $1,552.50 
Floor Model Electric FM5 TALL 200L 1370Hx610D.  $1,523.75 
Floor Model Electric FM5 SQUAT 200L 1016Hx680D.  $1,623.75 
Floor Model Electric FM6 TALL 250L 1500Hx610D.  $1,586.25 
Floor Model Electric FM6 SQUAT 250L 1120Hx680D.  $1,691.25 
Floor Model Electric FM7 TALL 315L 1675Hx610D.  $1,656.25 
Floor Model Electric FM7 SQUAT 315L 1320Hx680D.  $1,762.50 
Floor Model Electric FM8 TALL 400L 1830Hx610D.  $1,740.00 
Floor Model Electric FM8 SQUAT 400L 1450Hx680D.  $1,855.00 
PS/160 Stainless Steel 1200 h x 560 d 160 ltr 8 port.  $2,186.25 
PS/160 FC (CENTRA-COIL TANKS 160 Ltr).  $3,148.75 
PS/250 FC (CENTRA-COIL TANKS 250 Ltr).  $3,326.25 
PS/315 FC (CENTRA-COIL TANKS 315 Ltr).  $3,535.00 
PS/315 SQFC (CENTRA-COIL TANK SQUAT 315 Ltr).  $3,535.00 
PS/315 SQFCHT (CENTRA-COIL TANK SQUAT 315 Ltr)1490 H x 680 D.  $3,722.50 
DRIP TRAY to suite indoor install Centra -Coil 870 x 870mm.  $137.50 
Wise Living Platinum 315 Tall 10 port Hydronic SS Tank.  $2,993.75 
OPTIONAL 4 Litre Header Tank for Centra-Coil Tanks.  $375.00 
Wise Living BV15T 1/2'M/F Ball valve 'T Handle'.  $9.89 
9m optional lower fixed coil can be added to all tanks.  $818.75 
Copper pipe tank adaptor set (Recommended for centra coil tanks).  $49.95 
Item 895V 1/2' Straight Convertable Valve with Male Thread  $37.45 
36m Top Fixed Coil.  $1,150.00 
27m Top Fixed Coil.  $1,100.00 
Stove connections.  $166.25 
Solar Connections.  $166.25 
1A Secondary Hot Water Outlet for Hydronic.  $103.75 
Weather proofing.  $172.50 
To waterproof tanks for external mounting.  $145.00 
Tank drip/ tray for internal Mounting.  $137.50 
Transport Costs to our Melbourne warehouse.  $275.00 

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Hot Water Storage Tanks