Solar Ark Evacuated Solar 20 / 30 Tube Kits for Wood Fired Systems 
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Solar Ark Evacuated Solar 20 / 30 Tube Kits for Wood Fired Systems

 These kits come with 20/30 evacuated tubes, manifold and mounting brackets with controller and pump.

Evacuated Tube Solar - Smart Move

WiseLiving Evacuated Tube Solar systems  offer high quality and enhanced performance systems with a 15 year warranty on the collector, the longest in Australia.


Hot water accounts for about 40% of energy requirements in the average Australian house. Installing our Evacuated Tube system can reduce those energy costs by up to 90% whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

How It Works

Sunlight passes through the glass outer layer of the tube and onto the specially coated inner glass layer . The two glass layers are separated by a vacuum The heat is then trapped within the  tube. The heat is transferred to the Heat Exchanger via aluminium fin and high performance copper heat pipe . The copper heat pipe contained within the evacuated tube contains a small amount of liquid which travels up the tube to the bulb where it condenses and falls back to the base of the tube .

Water is passed through the manifold and across the heat tube bulbs by way of an energy efficient pump that is actuated by an electronic controller, ensuring that the pump only runs when necessary. The hot water produced is then returned to the tank 


Solar Tubes are cylindrical in shape which track the sun for longer periods of the day, and at all times of the year and are well suited for frost prone and snow areas and areas of rapid temperature change


SolarArk Evacuated Tube Collector Sizes

 You have a choice of 20 or 30 tube kits. Evacuated tube solar collectors consist of a heat exchanger and a series of heat collector tubes.  The tubes have a vacuum between an inner and outer layers of borosilicate, a toughened glass. The tubes absorb and retain heat from the atmosphere. Inside the tubes are sealed copper heat pipes containing a small amount of liquid which vapourises and rises to the top of the heat pipes. The water from the tank flows through the heat exchanger manifold at the top of the collector. It absorbs the heat from condenser at the top of the heat pipe and returns the heated water to the storage tank.


Pump and Controller Box

SolarArk pump and controller can be supplied ready housed in one box to assist in installation and provide weather protection to the circulating pump.


SolarArk pump


The Grundfos Solar 15-20 range is robust, endurable and temperature resistant. It is suitable for water/glycol mixtures and coolants without mineral oils. The pump with composite housing is specific to be used on solar applications and the pump can be used in both open and closed systems.


Product Specification


  • 3 speed asynchronous circulator, low energy B-class technology
  • Medium temperature: - 25...+100 C
  • Resistant to short temperature peak of up to 140C
  • Pressure class PN10
  • Protection class X 4D
  • Insulation class H
  • Resistant to condense water at a low temperature and a cold start protected.
  • To be installed in open loop and closed loop solar thermal systems.

FULL SYSTEM (FS)20 or 30 tubes full kit for new installations grid connected

Includes Manifold. adapters evacuatedtubes, Large 240V pump & controller, autoair vent, cold sensor elbow and the full Quickie Installation Kit which has all valves and fittings for  a standard tank and solar system, does not include, copper pipe, tank and base plinth not supplied.

SHORT SYSTEM (SS) 20 or 30 tubes ideal for retro fit and off grid installations

Includes Manifold, adapters, evacuated tubes, 12V power miser pump and controller, auto air vent and cold sensor elbow ( no quickie kit) , does not include, copper pipe, tank and base plinth not supplied.





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Price (each):
20F-SET Full System 20 tubes 240v Pump & Low Energy Pump.  $3,117.60 
30F-SET Full system 30 tubes 240V Pump & Full Installation Kit.  $3,696.00 
20S-SET Short System 20 tubes 12V Miser Pump.  $2,724.00 
30S-SET Short System 30 tubes 12V Miser Pump.  $3,240.00 
SAUF 20 Flat or low pitch roof tilt Stand for 20 tube system.  $330.00 
SAUF 30 Flat or low pitch roof tilt Stand for 30 tube system.  $330.00 
QIK15 Solar Quickie Kit & Air Eliminator.  $489.60 
Delivery to our Melbourne Warehouse from Albury Supplier.  $318.00 

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