Wood Fired Boiler Accessories & Solar Kits

All the Wood Fired Boilers we sell will require 6" /150mm or 8"/ 200mm flue kits , flashing for the roof penetration based on the type of roofing (metal or tile) and a header tank (for hydronic heating only) and or a hot water storage tank (3.6-4.8 kw element) with its own open vented 12 litre header and stove and or Heat Pump/solar connections.

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Simple schematic for Linea showing in-floor coils,
manifold and header tank / vent pipe installation
Schematic of the Linea showing radiators also run from
a manifold and including domestic hot water tank.

Wood Fired Boiler Package For Pool Heating


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Flue Kits & Accessories

from $15.14

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Hot Water Storage Tanks

from $9.89

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Header Tanks & Accessories

from $61.05

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Heat Exchangers

from $726.00

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Aquaseals Roof Flashing

from $57.60

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from $720.00

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Wise Box 9.2 Auto Change over Controller Wood Boilers /Gas or Heat Pumps


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Solar Ark Evacuated Solar 20 / 30 Tube Kits for Wood Fired Systems

from $318.00

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Eco -Fan

from $35.00

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