Heat Pumps for Hydronic & Pool Heating


 Modern  Heat Pumps have no competitors when it come cost comparisons and paybacks for domestic and commercial hot water applications, they are also capable of providing hydronic heating options. In situations where there is no availability to a natural gas supply the use of Heat Pump technology to provide hot water and hydronic heating makes a lot of sense. Heat Pumps are electric systems that draw their solar gain from the atmosphere, the "enter" shop sells many different types of Heat Pumps and we can design an appropiate system for your particular application. If you are considering a combination of Heat Pumps and Solar Power your return on investment and the heat energy generated for free will be around 60% more than traditional Solar panel or evacuated tube hot water systems can generate. (see this explination PDF: download)

They operate a bit like a refrigerator in reverse and can provide heating solutions that will be up to 50% cheaper to run than Natural gas systems, 80% cheaper to run than conventional Electric and LPG systems and will generally outlast them by two to three product lifetimes.


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