Chromagen Swimming Pool Heat Pump 
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Chromagen Swimming Pool Heat Pump

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Environmentally-friendly pool heating & cooling:

Heating & Cooling Modes:

  • The Midea heat pump water heater features heating and cooling modes making it a versatile system for maintaining the perfect water temperature all over Australia including locations such as Cairns and Darwin
  • In heating mode the Midea heat pump water heater has a Coefficient Of Performance (COP) of 4-6* and a COP of 3.5* in cooling mode. (*Depending on geographic location)
    The Midea heat pump works effectively even at low ambient temperatures such as -
    - Heating Mode Working Range: -7C~38C
    - Cooling Mode Working Range: 15C~43C
  • Midea utilises only ozone-friendly R410a refrigerant to minimise pollution and depletion of the Ozone layer

Long service life:

Titanium heat exchanger with Hydrophilic fin coil coating:

  • Provides high corrosion-resistance against aggressive pool water

Temperature management & convenience:

Advanced User Interface & optional remote wire controller

  • With a Midea Heat Pump, set up and operation monitoring is made simple thanks to an amazing, user-friendly touch pad interface with clear Liquid Crystal Display
  • Features include temperature and time setting, pool pump activation and fault alarm
  • Midea heat pumps also include a remote wire controller with 15 metre lead, for convenient operation from your house or alternative location


Automatic defrosting function

  • Allows system to warm up prior to normal operation to de-ice and therefore protect vital components whilst also ensuring highest operational efficiency

Self-protect function

  • The compressor features a self-protect function

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Swimming pool heat pump product specification

(2 x 14kW units)
Power supply (Ph / V / Hz)   1Ph / 230V / 50Hz
Heating mode   Water outlet temp (C) Default 28, 20 ~ 35
Cooling mode Water outlet temp (C) Default 28, 10 ~ 30
Max. current (A)  16 32
Hot water yield (m3/h)  6 12
Rated max input (kW) 3.5 7.0
Heating Capacity (kW) 14 28
Input (kW)            2.55 5.10
Outdoor ambient temp (C) -7 ~ 38
COP (kW)* 5.49 5.49
Cooling Capacity (kW)         10.4 20.8
Input (kW)            2.9 5.8
Outdoor ambient temp (C) 15 ~ 43
COP (kW)* 4 4
Outdoor noise level (dB(A))  58
Refrigerant type/Quantity (A / kg)  R410 / 1.85 R410 / 3.7
Maximum pressure (MPa)  0.4
Water inlet pipe diameter (mm)  DN40
Water outlet pipe diameter (mm)  DN40
Drain pipe diameter (mm)  DN25
Outdoor resistance class IP24

 * Based on ambient temperature of 27C

Initial heat up period

Location   Heat up period guide (hrs)  
Pool typeSpaSwimming pool  
Pool volume (L)3,00030,00050,00070,000
Adelaide   4.5 28 42 60
Brisbane   3.5 11 17 24
Canberra   4.8 29 48 68
Hobart   5.5 38 72 118
Melbourne   5.0 30 50 70
Perth   4.1 21 34 48
Sydney   4.4 22 35 50
 Based on the following conditions: 
  • Heat up month - October
  • Typical incoming cold temp for each city used (Adelaide = 17C / Brisbane = 20.5C / Canberra = 15C / Hobart = 13C / Melbourne = 14.5C / Perth = 18C / Sydney = 17.6C)
  • Final pool temp = 27C; Final spa temperature = 38C
  • 1 x 14kW unit. (Using 2 x 14kW units will reduce the heat up time by approximately 50%)
  • Pool/spa covered during heat up period

Energy requirements

 Season% of pool cover useEstimated energy consumption (kW) 
 All Year 90 Running 4522 445 5617 5790 2590 4273
Heat up 126  78 143 134 106 112
Extended Summer Season (Oct - Mar) 60 Running 1960  N/A* 1534 2187 1204 1593
Heat up 84  N/A* 78 87 67 64
 Based on the following conditions:
  • 35,000 litre pool at 27C pool temperature
  • Excludes circulation pump energy requirements
* Due to high ambient temperature energy consumption is negligible.
Chromagen recommends the use of a pool cover as often as possible to ensure system efficiency and to reduce energy use.


Swimming pool heat pump product dimensions

A -  Unit Width 1050mm
B - Unit Height 855mm
C - Unit Depth 315mm
D - Mounting Holes 165mm
E- Mounting Holes 590mm
F - Mounting Holes 333mm
G - Water Outlet Position 495mm
H - Water Inlet Position 615mm
Unit Weight 75kg



How it works

Heat pumps are designed to transfer heat from one medium to another using only a small amount of power.

  1. A fan draws in air, containing heat energy, across the evaporator
  2. The cold liquid refrigerant in the evaporator absorbs the heat energy from the air and turns into a warm gas.
  3. The compressor pressurises the refrigerant and turns it into a super-hot gas
  4. The super-hot gas moves into the condenser where the heat is transferred to the circulating pool water via a heat exchanger
  5. The refrigerant reverts back to a liquid after and continues back to the evaporator as a cold gas for the process to start again

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A heat pump pool heater is like an energy multiplier. From 1 kW of power consumed, it can create up to 5 kW of water heating energy. That's a performance efficiency of a remarkable 500%. Heat pumps are more energy efficient than gas pool heaters, where their output performance efficiency may only be around 80% of energy input.


The table below demonstrates how the efficiency of a heat pump pool heater transfers to a lower running cost for heating a 50,000 pool in Sydney.

Type Pool heaterCost per kWhPerformance ThereforeRunning cost comparison
EfficiencyPower required to heat 50KL pool in Syd = 6104 kW*
Gas pool heating 10.8c 80% 13.5c / kWh $824
HP pool heating 30c 500% 6c / kWh $366
 *Based on the following conditions: 27C pool temperature. Excludes circulation pump energy requirements

So where does the FREE energy come from? The AIR!
The air around us contains latent energy which can be harvested using common refrigeration technology. Refrigerant technology utilises refrigerant gas; an amazing substance that boils at low temperatures and can therefore transition easily from a liquid to a vapour.

The heat pump cycle simply takes the refrigerant through various states in a process of super-heating and cooling, where the heat energy is imparted on the pool water using a heat exchanger.

Price (each): $3,520.00

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