Pahlen Swimming Pool Heating Heat Exchangers. 
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Pahlen Swimming Pool Heating Heat Exchangers.


 Ideal for heat pumps, gas and wood fired boilers this titanium design suits all types of pools treatment.

Hi temp thermoplastic case suitable for "Heat Pumps and Gas Boilers" and the Titanium outer case for wood fired heaters, only use the stainless version if heating pools that are not salt chlorinated, contact us if more information is required.


For more information open the pdf below prices updated 11/09/19

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Price (each):
HTT40, 40kW plastic case unit.  $1,409.76 
HTT75, 75kW plastic case unit.  $1,987.52 
T28, 28kW Titanium case unit.  $1,938.60 
T40, 40kW Titanium case unit.  $2,050.32 
T75, 75kW Titanium case unit.  $2,592.60 
HF28, S/Steel Hi Flow 28kW welded outer jacket.  $872.24 
11366 MF200 60 Maxi Flow SS 60kW, 485mm.  $1,237.72 
11367 MF260 75 kW Maxi Flow SS 75 kW 455mm.  $1,428.24 
Maxi Flow S/Steel 11368 MF400 120kW 1070mm length.  $2,059.20 

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Pahlen Swimming Pool Heating Heat Exchangers.