Swimming Pool Heating

Here at enter we recommend two types of solar pool heating. Both should be used in conjunction with a thermal blanket.

Heat Pumps (can extend your swimming season to 12 months) Using a relatively small amount of electricity heat pumps can heat a standard pool all year round at a cost about 40%-50% cheaper than natural gas and around 80% cheaper than LPG. Heat pumps make a lot of sense for the environment if you subscribe to Green Power or have a Solar Power Grid Connect System. Solar Heating ( can extend your season in the southern states up to an 5-6 month period)Solar pool heaters are one of the simplest methods of solar heating. A large area of unglazed pipes (we recommend the Helicol system its not a cheap rubber or plastic which tends to break down due to sunlight and pool chemicals) is positioned on the north facing side of the roof, pool water is pumped through the collector gaining heat from the sun as it travels through the plastic piping. A relatively large area of piping, typically 60%-80% of the surface area of the pool, is required.


Rheem Thermal RTHP SERIES,Heat Pump Pool & Spa Heaters

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Rheem Thermal IQ Heat Pump Pool & Spa Temp Controllers

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Wood Fired Boiler Package For Pool Heating


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Universal Pool Heating Controller SC3-D


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Pahlen Swimming Pool Heating Heat Exchangers.

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