Sunbather Thermal Pool Blankets 
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Sunbather Thermal Pool Blankets

A Thermal Doona for your Pool.
Thermal pool covers are an essential part of any pool heating package. Why let all the heat escape from your warm pool when it's cost so much to put in there?
In fact a thermal pool cover will not only look smarter, but it will hold twice as much heat as a bubble or solar blanket will.

A thermal pool cover not only retains that heat, but also pays for itself by saving you money.
With a core of UV stabilised cross-linked foam and bonded outer laminates, these blankets are very light, tough and yet very flexible.

  Click To EnlargeThey last twice as long as a bubble or solar blanket and, being thinner, they are light and easy to handle. Priced from around $700 for a standard pool, they can be custom cut & shaped. Enquire with enter for instructions on how to install pool covers yourself if you are the handy type.

Save water …. It’s the responsible thing to do

Water restrictions are in place nationwide. From now on a pool cover is no longer an option, it’s an essential part of your water saving plan. In today’s water tight environment it is now irresponsible to not cover your pool. They are savings you cannot afford to miss !

“ By installing a Sunbather pool cover I noticed my water usage almost halved ” Happy Customer, Kew Victoria.

Industry Approval

All Sunbather pool covers carry the Smart Approved watermark. It is probably the best water saving device you can install in your home.

Get a Return on your Investment

 A pool cover saves not only water. It saves electricity, chemicals, heating bills, and most importantly your time. In fact a pool cover can cost as little as $1500 and can save you up to twice your pool volume every year depending on your geographical location. That’s 80,000 litres per annum on an average pool. Compare that to an efficient shower head or water tank.


7 Reasons why a Thermal Cover is Best

 1. Heated swimming pools evaporate over twice their volume every year
Take a look at your pool and visualise how much water that is… quite a lot isn’t it. On a standard 8 x 4m pool, that’s almost 80,000 litres of water lost every year, which can be up to 30% of your household water bill! A Sunbather Thermal blanket will eliminate over 90% of this water loss, helping you to meet local government guidelines in water usage. All our covers carry the Smart Approved Watermark.

2. If your pool is heated via gas or electricity you can cut your heating bills.
A thermal blanket is up to twice as effective at retaining heat as a solar or bubble blanket, ensuring your heating does half the work. This saves you money. Thermal covers are specifically designed to work with your pool heating, whether that be gas/electric or solar. Most of the heat loss in pools occurs during the evening when the outside temperatures drop dramatically. With this drop in temperature, the water in the pool also loses a lot of heat - as much as 10 to 12˚c. A solar/bubble blanket will do nothing to prevent this heat loss.

3. A thermal blanket will last longer than other pool covers.
A thermal cover, though warranted for 5 years, will generally last for around 10 years. A solar blanket, when used in conjunction with a heated pool will breakdown within a few years. Not only is it messy and time consuming trying to get rid of the plastic bits floating around in your pool, it will also clog up your filtration equipment, causing expensive & ongoing maintenance problems. And a Thermal blanket won’t overheat and melt if left on the roller in the Sun !

4. A thermal blanket looks best.
There is a common misconception that thermal covers are only for indoor pools. This is incorrect. A thermal cover works just as well on an indoor pool, as an outdoor pool and in fact if used on an indoor pool, it has the added benefit of reducing condensation.

5. Thermal blankets require less maintenance.
Unlike solar/bubble covers, a Thermal blanket is safe to leave uncovered in the sun. You don’t need to worry about voiding the warranty every time you remove the cover from the pool for 10 minutes ! Also, being a flat multi-layered, foam-based material it holds its shape better than flimsy covers and will lie neat and flat on the pool.

6. A thermal blanket blocks out sunlight.
Sunlight is what assists algae growth, so blocking it out & keeping your pool dark with a Thermal blanket will reduce your chemical usage and maybe even filtering hours. Saving you even more money! A solar blanket will allow sunlight to pass through.

7. Get a return on your investment:
With all of the above benefits, a Sunbather Thermal blanket will pay for itself in under 2 years. A thermal cover though warranted for 5 years, will generally last for around 10 years. A solar cover is cheap, but for the small extra initial outlay, you will get a cover that will last much longer and will pay for itself in less than 2 years due to all the savings a Sunbather Thermal blanket has to offer.

With all those reasons what are you waiting for ? 

Thermal Pool Cover

How to measure your Sunbather Pool Cover:

 Where to measure:Pools take many shapes and sizes, and no one pool is the same.  The basic rule of measuring for your pool cover is to measure the Widest (W) and Longest (L) point of your pool.

  To measure your pool cover, take all measurements from the inside pool walls cut your cover a little large approx 75 mm all round to allow for shrinkage.

Ensure you read the instructions carefully when you recieve your cover and roller.
PDF: download
Price (each):
THMUDKBE, Thermal Dark Blue.  $39.14 
THMUBE, Thermal Light Blue.  $39.14 
THMUGN,Thermal Dark Green.  $39.14 
KITATCHMNT15M, Attachment Kit,10 of 1.5m Straps.  $50.00 
KITATCHMNT25M, Attachment Kit,10 of 2.5m Straps.  $56.25 
HAULCORD10MM, 10mm Haul Cord per lin meter.  $4.14 
HAULCORDMUP, Haul Cord Clips and Float Kit.  $54.89 

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