Pondmate Water Garden Lights 
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Pondmate Water Garden Lights


Perfectly sealed and waterproof, ideal for fountains, aquariums and ponds, low voltage (12v for safety with safety approved transformer.

Prices for other models displayed in PDF document when available

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Price (each):
PMALU50T, Pondmate Univ, Alum W-Transf.  $98.00 
PMSPOT20, Pondmate 20W Spotlight LYLIO.  $58.00 
PMSPOT35, Pondmate 35W light LYLIO.  $62.00 
PMTRIO-35W, Submersible Light Lylio 12V-35W.  $182.00 
PM50WGL, Globe only 50 watt.  $4.60 
PM35WGL, Globe only 35 watt.  $4.60 
PM20WGL, Globe only 20 watt.  $4.60 

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Pondmate Water Garden Lights