Bio-Filtration UV Clarifers 
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Bio-Filtration UV Clarifers


PondMate UV Clarifiers effectively prevent the growth of algae and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in aquariums and ponds.
The patented, innovative design prevents the glass tube from being damaged by moving debris. Recommended for small ponds and fish tanks.

  • Innovative spiral design allows the water staying longer time inside the unit to kill the bacteria more thoroughly
  • Patented immediately-shown indicator light for confirming in-process working
  • Designed and produced according to high safety standard
  • Each unit individually wet-tested to guarantee reliable operation
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Price (each):
PMO7UV, Pond 550-730Litres.  $102.00 
PM13UV, Pond 720-960Litres.  $124.00 
PM18UV, Pond 780-1050Litres.  $136.00 
PM36UV, Pond1300-1800Litres.  $160.00 
PM55UV, Pond 1800-2500Litres.  $255.00 

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Pondmate UV Clarifiers